Dear Patapsco Valley 50k Participants and Volunteers,

We are terribly disappointed to not be running in the park that we all love.  State Park policy states that if greater than 0.25” of rain falls within 24 hours of events scheduled to use the trails, that those events will not be allowed to proceed. The forecast is calling for well over an inch and a half of rain tonight into tomorrow afternoon. The decision to change the venue was made in conjunction with park management to protect this resource that we value so much. We held out hope that the weather forecast would change, especially considering what happened for Trail Fest weekend.  We are not going to have a turn of the weather this time. The Park sustained tremendous damage from the historic floods earlier this summer that will take years to repair. We had an alternative course planned this year because of that damage. Running a race with more than an inch of rain would be detrimental to the trails that we have spent thousands of volunteer hours helping to build and maintain.

We want to still provide you with an ultra distance race and celebration of our running community. While many of you cringe, as we do, at the thought of running on pavement, the BWI loop is our best option.  It does have scenic areas and parking. (Parking!) and it’s still an opportunity to run with friends. So we hope that you will join us on Saturday, run, eat, cheer, go home with a beautiful handmade mug!

We understand and share in the disappointment in this not being the run we all wanted to have.  Please understand that the expenses have all been incurred and we cannot offer refunds or deferrals to next year.  We hope that you will come and pick up your shirt, run a 50k, enjoy the camaraderie and celebration. There will be a details and logistics communication coming to you shortly that will explain where to go and what to do at the alternative venue.

We will be at Pavilion 105 in the Avalon Area of Patapsco Valley State Park this evening from 4-6pm for our regularly scheduled packet pick up and to answer any questions.

Here are the details for Saturday:

Start/Finish Location:

Lindale Middle School

415 Andover Rd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

NEW Race Time:

8:30am-4:30p- 8 hours

NEW Packet Pick-Up/Runner Check-In:


Pre-Race Briefing:


We will be running 3 loops of the BWI Trail which circumnavigates BWI Marshall Airport. Each loop is ~10.5 miles. There will be 1 fully stocked aid station ~6.4 miles into the loop and another fully stocked aid station at the start/finish area. There are intersections with traffic lights along this loop. You must obey traffic signals when crossing and instructions from course marshals/volunteers. We will not be able to stop traffic to let you cross!

Keep your race bib visible at all times! Please check in with the timing staff after each loop so we can record your split. If you decide to run only 1 or 2 loops, please inform the timing staff that you are finished so we aren’t looking for you later in the day. Also, please check in with volunteer staff at the 6.4 mile aid station on each loop.


Lindale Middle School has plenty of parking, therefore everyone can park on site with no shuttle. There will be volunteers directing you where to park, as the school has several lots and we want to fill one before moving on to the next one. Please park as tightly as possible to accommodate everyone.

Drop Bags:

You will have access to your vehicle after each loop. With the soaking conditions and no access to the interior of the school, please leave any gear/food/drinks/etc in your vehicle as we will not be able to guarantee we can keep your stuff dry. You are welcome to warm up or rest between loops in your vehicle.

Bathrooms/Changing areas:

We do not have access to the school. You can change in your vehicle. There are porta potties at the 6.4 mile aid station and if it’s an emergency there are plenty of wooded areas surrounding the trail, just please follow the same etiquette as you would for addressing this need if you were on any other trail. Prior to the race, there are several fast food restaurants and gas stations where you can use the bathroom.


Runners must start their 3rd loop by 2pm. Due to the faster course, the time to complete the run is 8 hours (4:30pm).

If you have any questions, please email info@whiteoakrunning.com


Ryan, Mario, & Shawn